I am 31 years old and former college basketball player. I have had multiple surgeries on both my knees. This year I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both my knees. I was having severe pain in both knees. I had synvisc injections this year which have helped tremendously with the pain but still was having stiffness and throbbing in my knees at night when I would try to sleep. The next step for me is bilateral partial knee replacements. I have been wearing the sleeve on my right knee now for almost a month and although skeptical at first I no longer have the throbbing or stiffness I had before. I am a registered nurse and constantly walking and on my feet. The sleeve is comfortable to wear and most of the time don’t even realize it is on. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has arthritis or joint pain. It made me a believer.

5-starsThis cooper sleeve is awesome. I need a knee replacement

By Amazed on August 31, 2014

This cooper sleeve is awesome. I need a knee replacement, so nothing short of surgery will totally stop the pain, but this does help with support. After a few days of wearing this sleeve, the pain has been dramatically reduced. Do order up one size.
5-starsBeyond comfortable!

By CScott on October 12, 2014 Size: 2X-Large Verified Purchase

Excellent Knee Sleeve! I can’t imagine jogging without this ever again. Great for work too!
5-starsI put this thing on my very sore meniscus torn knee and within minutes it felt better..

By Kend on June 9, 2015 Size: Medium Verified Purchase

So I don’t know why these work but they do. I put this thing on my very sore meniscus torn knee and within minutes it felt better…. Makes no sense. I guess its the stability? its not very heavy but it totally works. Bought another one for the other knee…light weight stays in place, just the right amount of pressure for me and my knee. No it doesn’t heal it completely, its still a torn up messed up knee but its a LOT better and I can go up and down stairs without so much pain so its worth the price. I have no idea what the copper does. Keep it antibiotic? as far as some magical healing properties…yeah…right. but it feels better when I wear it. And I have tried a LOT of other knee braces – drawer full of them – this is the best . I think that its the fact its so light weight but can still hold things together. And it doesnt slip. or irritate or rub….so there you go. 5 stars. bought 2. whats not to like.

It feels very comfortable and gives the right amount of compression I need.5-stars

By Roy on November 11, 2014

I had been wearing neoprene knee brace for a while. it gets sweaty, and bulky to wear when I am working. I started wearing copper knee sleeve, it feels very comfortable and gives the right amount of compression I need. I can wear it all day and all night and I don’t even know it’s there. I am looking forward to trying other products in the line.

5-starsThis knee sleeve is nice and light weight

By rwilli13 on September 3, 2014 Size: 2X-Large

This knee sleeve is nice and light weight. I wear mine at work and when I go jogging. It provides relief from knee pain that I have had for years. The sleeve fits great and is machine washable. I am very pleased with this purchase.
5-starsI have enjoyed wearing the new sleeve. It really gives support to my bum knee.

By Della Pugmire on February 11, 2015Size: 2X-Large Verified Purchase

Primary Health Sports was kind enough to send me a size large copper knee sleeve since I was having problems with the size med being too tight on my calf. I have enjoyed wearing the new sleeve. I have had total knee placement and was told I needed another surgery to fix the problem. I decided to try the knee sleeve and it has really helped. I can wear it all day now without the pain I was having without it. I tried the Tommie Copper knee sleeve and Primary Health Sports knee sleeve works much better. They have been so helpful in making sure I received my product. I will certainly purchase their product again if I need sleeves for anything else.

By Teresa Dove on October 2, 2014

I have been using the copper knee sleeve for a few weeks now. At first I had my doubts, but it really has made a difference! The sleeve is thin, allows my skin to breathe, doesn’t restrict my movement, and it gives the support i need without cutting off my circulation! It works! I work 12 hour shifts… and at the end of the day my knee would kill me, now it doesn’t.And I like the fact that it covers from below my calf to inches above my knee and it stays in place! Lots of support! I plan on getting one for my other knee now…! Thanks! It works!

By LAELSMOM on October 13, 2014 Size: 2X-Large Verified Purchase

I love this sleeve. I ordered the first one in a large because one of the reviews said to order a size up. I thought the large felt a little big but I decided to give it a try because my knee was very painful. I am pleased to say that even though the sleeve was a little big, the first day my knee felt better and I was able to move around a little without excruiating pain. By the third day of wearing the sleeve, there was no pain in my knee at all. I don’t know why it was painful in the first place because I had never had any problem with that knee. But whatever it was, the sleeve took care of it. By the way, I did order another sleeve in the medium size. I haven’t had the pain again so I have not tried the smaller size yet. I am very very happy with this sleeve.

5-stars Five Stars

on July 20, 2015  Size: Large Verified Purchase
can feel a difference with 5 minutes of putting it on. works great

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