Medical Conditions Copper Compression Stockings Can Help You Manage

Copper infused stockings have swarmed the markets in a wave of innovation and one only has to scrutinize closely to see top-notch athletes and marathon runners adorning them in sports. All athletes aspire to finish in gumption, but unfortunately the aches and pains wreaked by laborious training sessions and the strains of the game, pose hurdles on the way to the finishing line. In fact, sometimes we all wish for a little assistance when our feet ache of tiredness, when we wish to maintain leg power during endurance, or even when aspiring to boost muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. Blending the innumerable health benefits of copper, found in high-performance copper-infused yarn, with a proprietary multi-directional compression technology, the copper compression stockings can do more for your health than you know.

1)   Prevent Infections

The anti microbial properties of copper promote health and well being, and prevent infections from affecting your feet and legs due to sweating. Viruses, yeasts, and bacteria are instantly attacked and killed when they come in contact with the copper surface, and the term “contact killing” was coined for this purpose. Contact killing takes place at a rate of at least 7 to 8 logs per hour, and no live microorganisms can recover from copper surfaces after protracted incubation. Copper also obliterates odor-causing bacteria, alleviating the unflattering stench we have come to associate with sweaty stockings!

2)   Therapeutic Pain Relief

Copper compression stockings are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and alleviate pain in the lower legs. The highly wickable fabric boosts mobility, stabilizes muscle tissue, and stimulates blood flow. The gentle compression formula can be used 24 hours, even when asleep. If you suffer from swelling in legs, heavy feeling and exhausted legs, pulmonary embolism, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, post thrombotic syndrome, lympheda, active venous ulcers, or healed venous ulcers, the copper compression stockings would provide a great degree of relief.

3)   Alleviate Swelling

Since the pressure in the subcutaneous tissue is increased with compression, it helps to assuage and avert swelling. This helps to push excess fluid, causing swelling, back into the capillaries and stops excess fluid from seeping out of these vessels. In addition, compression diminishes the capacity of the superficial veins present in the leg to expand and overfill with blood. This in turn helps prevent blood in these veins from flowing backward and causing congestion. Congestion in the leg accounts for the leg complaints, swelling, and skin changes common with venous insufficiency.

4)   Prevention of Edema

Edema is the accumulation of fluid beneath the skin and is marked by swelling found in the lower extremities. Copper compression stocking have been found to relieve symptoms associated with Edema and prevent an occurrence of this medical condition. The force that these stocking apply to your feet and lower limbs allow blood to be pumped around your body efficiently towards your heart. This allows a greater oxygen flow to your muscles, improving recovery and functioning. The tightness of the stockings also ensures that your lower limb muscles are offered extra support.