How to Choose the Right Swim Cap

What’s in a Swim Cap?

The right gear is important when it comes to any sporting activity. Swimming is no different. We discussed why it is important to have a swim cap on you the next time you go swimming. Swim caps come in several materials and each one serves its own purpose. But remember, they are not designed to keep your hair completely dry. They are meant to reduce drag and prevent falling hair from tainting the pool.

Some tips on choosing the right swim cap will make the prospect easier for you and improve your swim.

Define your Swim

Before you buy a swim cap you need to determine the type of swim you plan on. Yes, it matters a lot. For example, let’s say that you engage in high intensity water exercises. These can be anything from aqua aerobics to water therapy. In cases such as these a lycra swim cap will be your best bet. It will prevent your hair from poking out during really vigorous activity. Lap swimmers on the other hand are recommended to wear swim caps that are made from latex. These will help them move through the water more efficiently and keep wayward strands at bay at the same time. You can also opt for silicone caps which don’t wrinkle easily and are hence more hydrodynamic as a result.

Water Temperature

The temperature of the water will impact how effective your swim cap is. For instance, if the temperature of the pool that you plan to swim in is more than 81 degrees a silicone cap might not be a good idea. You will start feeling a little warm under the cap after a lap or two. Choose latex caps instead. The material is designed to be thinner and will prevent your scalp from heating up. You can go for the silicone variety if you feel that the water is cold.


Your choice of swim cap will also depend on how much hair you have. A head full of medium or long hair will stay secure under a siliconee cap. It is easy to see why. Caps that are made from this material are designed to last. In addition they don’t get caught in your hair and don’t tear easily either. It is also easy to take off a silicone swim cap.

What about swimmers who have less or no hair? In cases such as these, latex caps are a safe bet. Latex rubber is designed to stretch easily. Swimmers with average head sizes can try latex swim caps that are regular sized. If you are worried that the cap might slip off during a swim, buy one with a chin strap. This will keep the cap in place and spare you from reaching up to adjust it mid-swim.

It’s your Choice

In the end, it is your choice that really matters. Pick a cap that feels comfortable. Remember, if it isn’t a snug fit or hurts your head, it isn’t worth it.