Exercises to Rehabilitate Tennis Elbow

Commonly known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an injury that causes pain outside the elbow, approximately 1-2 cm from its bony part. Despite its name, it’s not as common in tennis players as it is in individuals whose hobbies or work demand repetitive stress. Regardless, the pain and difficulty its sufferers experience are the same. Not only will tennis elbow sufferers have trouble opening doors or shaking hands, but you may permanently lose the ability to do many tasks if left untended. Now there are different treatments such as rest and ice and electrotherapy, but these only take care of the symptoms. You need to rehabilitate your elbow in order to re-embrace your usual activities.

Here are seven effective exercises you can rely on to get your elbows back in shape after tennis elbow.

  • Exercise 1Stretch your extensor muscles, i.e. the muscles that extend the wrist. Straighten your arm and push the palm of your hand down. You’ll know that you’re doing this right when you feel a stretch across the top of your forearm.
  • Exercise 2 Stretch the flexor muscles, i.e. the muscles which flex the wrist. Again, straighten your arm with your palm side up. Push your palm downwards to stretch.

Use these two exercises twice a day. To ensure that you get a full workout, sit on a chair which has an armrest. That way, your elbow would be supported while your wrist hangs over the edge.

  • Exercise 3Hold a light weight such as a hammer or soup can, but keep your palm facing down. Extend your wrist upwards and hold this position for two seconds before lowering slowly.
  • Exercise 4 To strengthen your wrist muscles, hold the same weight while keeping your palm up. Pull your wrist and hold for two seconds before lowering to the original position slowly.
  • Exercise 5Strengthen your deviatior muscles (the muscles responsible for side to side movement) by holding the weight in your hand while pointing your thumb upwards. Move your wrist up and down just like you would while hammering a nail. Remember to restrict movement to your wrist.
  • Exercise 6 To strengthen your pronator and supinator muscles, which are responsible for twisting your wrist, hold the weight in your palm with your thumb pointing upwards. Turn your wrists inward as far as you can and then outward as far as possible. Hold your position for two seconds and repeat no more than 50 times.
  • Exercise 7 Well, more of a relaxing technique than an actual workout, this exercise will relieve you from any soreness you may be experiencing due to your condition. Use your forefinger and middle finger to apply pressure on the area of the pain and rub gently for five minutes.

If you experience pain due to any of these exercises, contact your physician or physiotherapist. Another thing to remember is the importance of treating your elbow. Stick to what the doctor prescribed to ensure that your elbow heals quickly. To further speed up the healing process, consider wearing one of our Copper Compression Elbow Sleeves. In addition to giving your battered elbow the support it needs, the copper weaved into the material will provide your joint with ample oxygen while protecting it from inflammation and other issues that could delay your recovery. So give our sleeves a try and get over tennis elbow right away.