Benefits of Swim Caps – Why You Shouldn’t Step into Another Pool Without One

With summer finally here, many people are packing their bags and heading to their nearest swimming pools. Even arthritis sufferers are planning to swim the pain away by improving their fitness levels without stressing their muscles and joints. Before stepping into the pool, though, remember to don a swim cap. You may be shaking your head at the thought, especially if you aren’t a professional swimmer. However, there are many benefits you’ll be missing out on by doing otherwise, including the following five.

#1) Protection from Chlorine or Salt Water

Your local pool contains a variety of chemicals to ensure the cleanliness and safety of its water. Unfortunately, these can affect the health of your hair. Chlorine especially will damage your hair, turning it rough and brittle. Similarly, swimming in open water or sea water will expose your hair to salt and lead to the same negative results. Therefore, whether you’re in the sea or in a pool, protect your tresses and wear a swim cap.

#2) More Speed in the Water

Swimming quickly will help you burn more calories. However, the hair on your head is bound to create more drag as you swim, reducing your speed. Swim caps, especially those made from silicone, feature smooth and round surfaces which can reduce resistance as you swim and improve your performance. Just remember to invest in premium quality caps to reap this benefit.

#3) Keeping Hair Dry

While a swim cap won’t necessarily keep your hair dry 100%, it’ll ensure that your hair is only slightly damp after a few hours swimming. This is a blessing, especially for swimmers with long hair who usually have to wait hours until their hair dries naturally. If you want to ensure that your hair is completely dry, you’re welcome to wear two swim caps just like the pros.

#4) Unobstructed Vision Under Water

While swimming, nothing can be as annoying as having your hair obstruct your view. Women especially tend to grow irritated with their tresses floating all around them, especially when they’re swimming below the surface. So tuck your hair under your cap and get ready to dive or explore whatever treasures you think you’ll find.

#5) Warmth During Cold Water Swimming

Keeping yourself warm while cold water swimming isn’t easy, but it’s very important. Certain types of swim caps can easily keep your head warm as well, assuring you of a great swimming experience. However, don’t venture into cold water fully without asking your physician first since they may be against it.

To get these five benefits and other advantages of swim caps, choose only the best. Primary Health Sports’ experts have designed the ideal swim cap made from silicone and invite you to try it out. In addition to maximizing your performance in the water, it protects your ear and hair from the water. As a result, you’ll enjoy your swim every time.

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