About Us


Do something everyday, even a small thing to help someone to have a better day!


This simple concept is what drives our company each and every day. Our company is made up of nurses who have spent their lives and careers working with people from many walks of life that are required to spend long hours putting great strain on their bodies.


Athletes, construction workers, manufacturing workers, individuals who often suffer from joint pain brought on by standing long hours and performing repetitive motions that can destroy a body given time. The patients that pass through our hospitals and clinics often require pain pills just to make it through the day, the simplest tasks otherwise being grueling to perform.


We know that without the care we provide, these people will often lose days of work, or in the worst cases even the ability to sustain their livelihood. Pain is a silent thief of invisible things, precious time with their family, being able to enjoy their favorite activities, or in the worst cases render them incapable of being able to take care of themselves without assistance.


We have made it our lives work returning these stolen moments to our patients lives by helping them manage their pain. Primary Health Sports is the next step in that mission, providing expert information and high quality equipment to help those at home provide the level of self-care they need to prevent long-term damage.